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DeepCTR is a Easy-to-use , Modular and Extendible package of deep-learning based CTR models along with lots of core components layer which can be used to easily build custom models.You can use any complex model with model.fit() and model.predict().

  • Provide tf.keras.Model like interface for quick experiment. example
  • Provide tensorflow estimator interface for large scale data and distributed training. example
  • It is compatible with both tf 1.x and tf 2.x.

Let’s Get Started! (Chinese Introduction)

You can read the latest code and related projects


09/03/2021 : Add multitask learning models: SharedBottom , ESMM , MMOE , PLE . running example Changelog

07/18/2021 : Support pre-defined key-value vocabulary in Hash Layer. example Changelog

06/14/2021 : Add IFM , DIFM and DeepFEFM . Changelog


Discussions 公众号:浅梦学习笔记 wechat ID: deepctrbot


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