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DeepCTR is a Easy-to-use , Modular and Extendible package of deep-learning based CTR models along with lots of core components layer which can be used to easily build custom models.It is compatible with tensorflow 1.4+ and 2.0+.You can use any complex model with model.fit() and model.predict().

Let’s Get Started! (Chinese Introduction)

You can read the latest code at https://github.com/shenweichen/DeepCTR


02/08/2020 : Fix some bugs. Changelog

01/28/2020 : Simplify VarLenSparseFeat ,support setting weight_normalization.Fix problem of embedding size of SparseFeat in linear_feature_columns. Changelog

11/24/2019 : Refactor feature columns . Different features can use different embedding_dim and group-wise interaction is available by setting group_name. Changelog

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